Capacity Building

Capacity Building

SANSAD recognizes that capacity building is a long-term, continuing process, in which all stakeholders participate (communities, local authorities, civil society organizations and people’s groups, professional associations, academics and others).

Capacity Building is much more than training and includes the following :

  • Human resource development, the process of equipping individuals with the understanding, skills and access to information, knowledge and training that enables them to perform effectively.
  • Organizational development, the elaboration of management structures, processes and procedures, not only within organizations but also the management of relationships between the different organizations and sectors (public, private and community).
  • Institutional and legal framework development, making legal and regulatory changes to enable organizations, institutions and agencies at all levels and in all sectors to enhance their capacities.
  • Another essential mechanism for capacity building is partnership development. Partnerships give a local CSO access to: knowledge and skills; innovative and proven methodologies; networking and funding opportunities; replicable models for addressing community needs and managing resources; options for organizational management and governance; and strategies for advocacy, government relations and public outreach.

Why is Capacity Building Needed ?

  • The issue of capacity is critical and the scale of need is enormous, but appreciation of the problem is low.
  • The link between needs and supply is weak.
  • There is a lack of realistic funding.
  • There is need for support for change.
  • Training institutions are isolated – communications are poor.
  • Development of teaching materials is inefficient.

Who are our stakeholders?

The needs for capacity building are always changing. There are no ready solutions, and any programme must be appropriate for the local situation and organization.

Local government, communities and NGOs are the main stakeholders, but central government and the private commercial sector also need support. Community groups, often with strong NGO support, need to improve their capacity to plan, organize and manage their neighbourhoods. Departments of local government play an increasingly important role in enabling community groups to enhance their capacities and effectiveness.

What has SANSAD done so far?

We have build up the capacities of our stakeholders through:

  • Publications : Newsletters, occasional papers, booklets and books
  • Meetings, seminars and workshops on Food Security, Water Security, WTO, Multilateral and Bilateral Trade, GM & GE Foods
  • Empowerment and Capacity Building for Food Security and food sovereignty for the entire South Asian region through its partners
  • Exposure trips of stakeholders

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